“Nobody here will die, and do you know why? Because you have us and we have each other and if this is not a family I don’t know what it is”

Penguins of Madagascar

Ana is 32 years-old and lives with her young daughter in a suburban neighborhood. Because she worked many hours a day, she used to leave her baby in the public daycare very early and went to her city’s downtown. Ana has already sold all sort of things: popsicles, popcorn, sweets, candies, açaí, snacks. She was always humming in squares and bus stops, offering the products that she often made at home at night after picking up her daughter. Now, with the new invisible villain, the public daycare has closed, people are staying in their homes and the streets are empty.Without having a fixed income, with bills to pay and a child to take care of by herself, she doesn't know what else to do and came here seeking your help.

How to help people in the same situation as Ana, who depend on daily work to ensure their livelihood? 

Julio, who lives with his wife and young daughter, owns a mechanical workshop that also does car wash. The workshop had many customers and he was getting all his income from there. However, with COVID 19 in the area, he saw his clientele drop dramatically. On Monday he served 5 customers, but on Wednesday no one came. In addition to worrying about himself and his family, Júlio still has an employee to pay, who also needs to support his children and wife. People are afraid to walk around the city and Júlio doesn't know what else to do to pay his bills and buy groceries.

What now? How to help people in the same situation as Julio? Use your superpower and your team of superheroes to think of ways to help people in the same situation.

Suzy lives in a small town and has worked as a manicurist for many years. When she started, she went from house to house offering her services to the closest people. Over the months, with an established clientele and help from her mother, she managed to renovate a room on the side of her house and started to serve her clients there. The business was going well, because Suzy is very talented and has a love for her profession, but now she feels threatened as a new virus is spreading around. With the confirmation of the first case in her city, the mayor banned the operation of the market. Obeying the new rules, she had to close the salon which was her only source of income. Now Suzy doesn't know what else to do because she needs to pay her bills and help her mother, who is part of the risk group.

Call on your superhero team to help her solve this problem!

In the neighborhoods and corridors of the suburb, there is a large market. Mrs. Adriana knows this very well and has her own small market in the garage of her house, where she even sells on the cuff! One dweller helps another over there: some lend money, others donate water or offer to help with the slab. For her, the contact with the community and the exchange of services is the differential of her business. Mrs. Adriana infects everyone with her joy, but now she is distressed because many people rely on her grocery store for shopping and the bosses have not released many of her customers from their jobs. She is exposed to danger and the virus can spread quickly in the community with this situation.

Call on your superhero team to help her solve this problem!