“We have to find a way to take care of each other as if we were a tribe”

Black Panther

Mr. Henrique is 70 years-old, blind, has diabetes, heart problems and lives alone. Due to the social distancing generated by COVID19, he cannot leave home or receive visits. To help him at this moment, some neighbors are doing grocery and pharmacy shopping for him, but he still feels very alone.

Like Mr. Henrique, there are other elderly and more vulnerable people who are feeling lonely in their homes, some of them even close to you.


How can you, who have the internet at your fingertips, help some people like Mr. Henrique?

Sarah is 7 years-old and has just been cured of cancer. She had to stay 2 years away from her city and family to undergo the treatment and was super happy to be able to return to her normal routine, go to school, play in the park and see her friends again. However, now she has to fulfill the isolation at home, without receiving visitors, and she doesn't quite understand why. Many children, when they stay at home for a long time, become irritated, impatient and agitated with the situation.

How can you, who have the internet at your disposal, help people with a lot of energy like little Sarah to feel better during this period?

Ms. Lurdes had to travel to Europe last month for work. Due to the outbreak of COVID19 in European countries, Ms. Lourdes is stuck in Spain, far away from her family and unable to return to Brazil. She is in a hotel, afraid, alone, without knowing what to do and when she will be able to return home.

Ms. Lourdes is just one of many people who have not been able to return home and are alone in distant places.


What could you, with your superpower, do to help her?