“There’s nothing inside the box and a lot at the same time, it’s the Zandora’s box”

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Gabriela lives with her mother in Complexo do Alemão, a community in Rio de Janeiro that has been suffering from lack of water for days. When leaving work, she always uses the company's hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol to clean herself. Even with all the care, Gabriela is still at great risk on the way between work and home, because she takes two buses and a subway, has contact with money and with many other people. When she gets home, she runs to wash her hands, since her mother is in the risk group and cannot be exposed to danger. However, when she turns on the tap realizes that she still doesn't have any water. Without alcohol, which is lacking in the market, and without water, what can Gabriela do?

How someone like you, who has all the internet at your fingertips, can help people like Gabriela to protect themselves and their families?

Mr. João is 56 years-old and homeless in the city of Salvador. Some days Mr. João sleeps in the public host units and uses the public bathrooms in the city to do his personal hygiene. With the COVID-19 cases in the city, public toilets are closed and the public host units are overcrowded, preventing Mr. João from having a place to do his personal hygiene and, consequently, protect himself against the coronavirus. With the high prices of hand sanitizer and having other priorities such as getting food of the day, he cannot keep his hands clean and exposes himself a lot to COVID-19, often without even knowing the danger as he does not have easy access to television.

How can someone like you, who has all the internet at your fingertips, help people like Mr. João to protect themselves even if they don't have a home?

The Tapirapé Indians live in a demarcated area in the state of Mato Grosso. Besides the countless life threats, they suffer to defend their lands and keep their culture alive, and now they also have to face a threat that is reaching the entire world: COVID-19. In the tribe there are young people who study in the city center and maintain contact with many different people, which increases the chance of the virus reaching them. The situation may become worse if someone gets infected, because they are far from the city and hospitals.

Join your team and come to help: don't let this threat hit them!