Fake News

“The labyrinth of light is in the portal of darkness and, to find it, you will first have to get lost”

Dungeons & Dragons 

Maria, that neighbor who lives right on the street below, has been following the news about COVID 19 in distress. In desperation to protect herself, she saw on social media that onion is great for ending the virus. So she bought many to use for cleaning the house and hand hygiene. Every day she pays attention to social networks and shares all the information she receives with all your friends. Therefore, she was already sharing information about onions to her friends.
However, like many messages circulating on social networks, this information is false, a fake news.

So, how can you help Maria separate what is true and what is fake news and thus protect herself correctly?

Mr. José received several messages on social networks with recipes to kill the virus. Smart, he went straight to the market to buy onion, vinegar, garlic, and ginger, as the message recommended. He took advantage of the trip and made a purchase for two months! And he didn't even want to buy alcohol gel, because it was too expensive. Now, with a large volume of food stored, and following the cleaning recipes, he believes that he is protected from any crisis. Because of that, he goes out on the street without worrying and doesn't even care about the doctor's recommendations. Poor Mr. José, who believed in fake news and now, in addition to taking food out of his neighborhood, he remains exposed to danger.

How can you help raise awareness and protect these people by separating what is true news from what is fake news?